I Tried DailyOM’s 21 Day Booty Core to Get Rid of My Flat Mom Butt

Updated: Aug 16, 2018


My pre-pregnancy caboose was never the type that needed its own zip code. In fact, my derriere was rather modest, unassuming even, but it was relatively firm and actually existed, completely unlike the pancake-esque mom butt I was left with after giving birth to my daughter a little more than two years ago.

I remember the first time I noticed it, too. While swiping through our photos from Halloween night 2016, I came across this shadowy, full-body pic snapped by my partner while I was waiting in line for a vodka and soda. Clad in my Suicide Squad-inspired Harley Quinn costume, I could see the booty shorts, I just couldn’t find any actual booty.

Like most people, I let it fester, felt bad about it, and then ignored it again, relegating it to the bottom of my priority list. That is, until recently.

This is the one!

Several weeks ago, while scanning my Facebook feed, an incredibly fit woman, no, a goddess, in a thong leotard (and nothing else), appeared in an ad for DailyOM’s 21 Day Booty Core with a caption that promised to help tighten and tone my abs and butt.

I was intrigued. Not only because I’m a health and wellness writer who often tests products for readers, but also because it only asked for a three week commitment. Feeling inspired, but completely out of shape, I signed up in the name of research, dammit.

Course Costs

In the early stages of my DailyOM review, I discovered that the yoga-based business offers a pay-what-you-can feature, allowing you to choose from three different denominations--$40, $25, and $10. This is completely legit! I was never charged more than once, and the courses are mine to keep and refer back to forever. Each new course (one unlocks every day) is sent via email which also serves as a great reminder to actually get it done.

Course Value and Instructor

As for value, the 21 Day Booty Core course has been worth every cent to me. The production is simple, yet professional and I just adore the trainer, Beth Alexander. Upbeat and knowledgeable with a sincere focus on form, her almost entirely bodyweight-oriented program packs a serious punch.

Alexander keeps the pace with minimal downtime, and makes class interesting--from a cute story during a 60-second fire hydrant hold, to knowing exactly when to tell you to “smile,” it's as though you have a personal trainer right there with you.

On top of a new workout each day, you also get lots of additional content, including but not limited to: music playlists, 5-minute “finisher" workouts, a gratitude list, healthy recipes, and a reminder to practice your daily affirmations.

Course Difficulty

The difficulty level increases from day to day. However, if you have never exercised, I'd probably recommend using Alexander’s modifications. On the other hand, if you're already moderately fit, then I think incorporating a resistance band into the booty exercises from day one, rather than when Alexander introduces a band, might elevate the program to your level. It's something I will likely do if I decide to complete the course a second time.

Course Tools

Speaking of resistance bands, I discovered during my DailyOM review that a few tools are recommended to get the most out of this program.

  • Wall

  • Towel

  • Resistance bands

  • Yoga mat (thicker is better)

  • Sofa, ottoman, or box of similar height.

Fortunately, I already owned this set of resistance bands, and used the gray one every time it was required. If you really want to get the most burn for your buck, make sure you have a resistance band available.

Course Convenience

Aside from needing the objects mentioned above, this course was suuuuper convenient for me. It only required 30 minutes of my time each day, was something I could easily do around my active toddler, didn't require a lot of space, and I could take it anywhere, which makes it perfect for working out while travelling. Whether I was home or away, I did almost 100 percent of this program right from my cell phone while it was propped up on a little stand.

Course Content

Prior to starting my DailyOM review, I wasn't really sure what exercises to expect. Although the company has roots in yoga and spiritual awakening, the exercises themselves were a mix of familiar and unique routines, with cooldown stretches that focused more on yoga and lengthening.

The familiar included exercises like good old squats, bicycle crunches, and side-lying leg lifts. Unique to me exercises included single-leg deadlifts, clamshells, and dead bug.

Course Favorites

I definitely had some favorite exercises from the course. I chose one from each category that I think you'll enjoy--not only because you feel the burn quickly, but also because you can do them anywhere!

The videos below are not clips from the course or affiliated with DailyOM. They are just me trying to show you my three favorite exercises from 21 Day Booty Core.

Dead Bug (Abs)

This is basically just you, lying on your back, alternating your outstretched arms and legs until you feel the burn in your abs. Go as far as you can without arching your back.

Clamshells (Hips)

Another simple, yet effective exercise is the clamshell. Essentially, you want to hinge at the hips and feet while opening your knees. Throw in an exercise band for maximum burn. Yowza!

Glute Bridges (Butt)

Having tried these before, I thought they were kinda blah until I started doing them the right way. Do as Alexander says, and keep tension in the band for the very best results--that little tip made all the difference for me.

Course Results

When I started this DailyOM review, I never expected to see results like this. Though they may be small to some, they are huge in my eyes. I stuck with improving ME for 21 consecutive days and it actually worked!

Not only has my butt perked up, but I feel stronger, and I am like a thousand million trillion times more confident than when I started! You can literally see the confidence boost from picture one to picture two. My posture and my smile say it all.

I also wanted to note that I did not change my diet in any way. No carb-cutting, protein shakes, supplement using, or anything like that. However, I have been a vegetarian for more than 10 years, and like a friend told me the other day, “You're the only person I know that ate healthy through college!”

So what's next? Until I find a new course to test (I'm open to suggestions--holla at your girl!), I'll be retaking the 21 Day Booty Core program, but will be incorporating resistance bands as often as possible throughout the routines. That, and I will probably try out the upper body and abs routine from DailyOM, as well. Gotta keep that balance!

Something I feel confident saying now is that I am a glorious, beautiful, imperfect work in progress. And I think, just maybe, that I can practice falling in love with myself and my body in a really healthy and meaningful way. I'll leave you with a quote from Alexander, because I think she says it all in just one little sentence: “Being fit is not a destination, it's a way of life.” Amen to that!

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