5 Yoga Accessories for Improving Your Practice

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

Whether you’re a beginner yogi or a veteran instructor, everyone can benefit from the use of yoga accessories and props. Not only can they help you make drastic strides in terms of flexibility and efficiency, but several of these serve a purpose so rudimentary, you’ll wonder how you ever flowed without them.

1. Yoga Swing

This strappy, swing-like contraption, sometimes referred to as a hammock or trapeze, is one of the best (and arguably most fun) yoga accessories for all levels of mastery. Excellent for relieving lower back pain, enjoying inversions, and learning new moves, you’ll quickly become addicted to aerial yoga.

In addition to building core and upper body strength through various movements, this yoga swing from UpCircleSeven allows you to get into deep backbends, creating space between every vertebrae.

You can mount the yoga swing safely in your house with the proper mounting hardware, or set up the yoga swing in from a low-hanging branch at your favorite park.

2. Yoga Blocks

Excellent for getting into difficult asanas, yoga blocks help support the body and avoid injury from misalignment and stress.

Used as a prop for placing the hands, legs, back, and more, they close the gap between your body and the ground, offering the freedom, proper alignment, and good posture you lack when still trying to master a challenging pose.

My personal favorite is the Arl’Tb yoga block set because they’re made from a lightweight, eco-friendly EVA foam, making them perfect for use around my toddler and in my small, at-home yoga space. As a bonus, this set comes with a yoga strap, which is great for beginner yogis. You can also find yoga blocks made from bamboo, wood, and cork, depending on your personal needs.

3. Yoga Straps

Perfect for beginner and intermediate yoga levels, yoga straps help close the gap between your arms and the body part (usually leg or foot) that you are attempting to reach while in a pose.

They aid in improving flexibility, offer support when you need it, provide safety, and can be repurposed as a yoga mat carrier when they’re not in use.

The Reehut yoga strap comes in 6ft., 8ft., and 10ft. lengths, is made from cotton, and has adjustable metal D-rings. Some of the asanas straps work well for are:

  • Lord of the Dance (Natarajasana)

  • Seated Forward Bend (Paschimottanasana)

  • Cow Face Pose (Gomukhasana)

  • Boat Pose (Naukasana)

  • Extended Hand-to-Big-Toe (Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana)

4. Yoga Wheel

Another yoga prop that has multiple benefits is the yoga wheel. It’s designed to improve flexibility, roll out the spine, open the heart, and assist in advanced yoga poses.

This lightweight, yet super sturdy device can aid in opening hip flexors, the abdomen, chest, and shoulders while massaging your spine from neck to coccyx.

I personally own the Risefit Dharma yoga wheel and am in love with the benefits. It makes my yoga flows more fluid, helps me lengthen in places I couldn’t, and adds interest when I’m in need of inspiration. As a bonus, it comes with a complimentary yoga strap. Perfect for all levels of yoga mastery, this is an accessory that can grow with you.

5. Essential Oils

According to Instagram influencer and yoga teacher, Zoe Welch, “An essential oil is a natural oil, which usually contains the fragrance of the plant or the source from which it was extracted.” The oils can be used to invigorate, enlighten, relax, and/or soothe the mind, making aromatherapy ideal for improving your yoga practice.

Choosing a diffuser like this one from URPOWER will infuse the entire room. However, you can also opt to use an essential oil roller or an aromatherapy inhaler from MONQ for personal use in yoga class or at home.

Remember, if you apply an essential oil topically and it is not pre-diluted, it’s imperative that you add a carrier oil for safety! A few essential oil scents that are recommended for use during yoga practice include:

  • Lavender (calming, soothing)

  • Lemon (uplifting, refreshing)

  • Peppermint (concentration, positivity)

Would you use any of these yoga accessories? Which one do you think would benefit your practice the most? Let me know in the comments below!

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