5 Reasons to Try a Yoga Subscription Box from Do a Shot of Yoga

Compact but mighty, a yoga subscription box has many benefits beyond what you might expect. These mystery surprise boxes are sent out monthly and are packed full of useful yoga- and health-related goodies that go beyond the basics.

When it comes to shopping for and finding the perfect yoga subscription box, it’s important to look for qualities that fit your needs.

The yoga subscription boxes from Do a Shot of Yoga are “designed to help people who are looking to build and create an at-home practice that is meaningful and sustainable for them on a personal level,” says founder Valeria Weber Williamson.

Do a Shot of Yoga promises to include certain items each month and provides a detailed list of what you can expect in advance without ruining the mystery. The contents of the boxes change each month, so you'll never receive the same items twice.

“We choose sustainably sourced packaging created by GIVR packaging, opt for organic and often allergy-free treats, and sustainably sourced products as often as possible,” assures Weber Williamson. “We also regularly donate to charities and invite subscribers to share in the fact that by choosing to support their own yogic practice, they are also supporting a company that is devoted to helping them and improving the world we share.”

The Do a Shot of Yoga boxes available for subscription aren’t gender neutral, as many of the clothing items and fashion accessories are designed specifically for women, but they do offer the option of a box created specifically for men (Men’s Yoga Box). Weber Williamson noted that many men choose to subscribe and then share some of the items that don’t personally resonate with the women in their lives. She also said that the Men’s Yoga Box could be considered gender neutral.

There are also themed boxes designed for yoga beginners (Simple Not Basic Box and January’s Start Strong Yoga Box), meditation (Mandala Meditation Yoga Box), and props (Props Box). These, like the Men’s Yoga Box, will always contain the same items, so they are not available as a subscription.

Do a Shot of Yoga offers flexible terms, like month-to-month options, and discounts if you pre-pay for several months in advance. You can also use code JDWRITES10 to save money on your Do a Shot of Yoga purchase or subscription.

January's Start Strong Yoga Box

I received January’s Start Strong Yoga Box. It included:

  • Every Body Yoga book by Jessamyn Stanley

  • My Yoga Bag by Hugger Mugger

  • Yoga Mat Spray by Gaiam

  • Sweat-Absorbing Headband

  • Energy Essential Oil Roll-On by Plant Therapy

  • Coco Cacao Clean Granola by GR8NOLA

  • Maple Bourbon Nutmeg Rooibos Tea by Tea Guys

  • A Vegetarian (Vegan-Adaptable) Recipe Card

Remember, yoga subscription boxes provide so much more than just material things. Keep reading for even more benefits!

1. Inspiring and Motivational

Intended to get your mind and body moving, Do a Shot of Yoga boxes are great for keeping that spark for yoga alive. They’re exciting and fun to open because you get to explore new concepts and possibilities every month, but they’re also focused on personal well-being and health.

You might be prompted to learn a new asana you’ve never tried before, use a special prop to further your practice, or gain a new appreciation for meditation.

Weber Williams touched on future boxes and hinted that there will be a “Choose Your Own Fork” theme which will give subscribers sustainable kitchen gear and help them explore the ethical eating habits that work for them.

2. Perfect for Beginners

If you're new to yoga and don't know where to start, Do a Shot of Yoga boxes are perfect for getting started. They have a box created especially for beginners called the Simple Not Basic Box. It contains a yoga mat from Gaiam, a yoga strap, Rodney Yee’s AM/ PM Yoga Workout for Beginners DVD, and an extra surprise item to enhance your yoga practice.

When you subscribe, You'll also receive access to the exclusive Do a Shot of Yoga member forum where you can interact with other yogis from all walks of life and with varying degrees of experience.

3. Promote Self-Care

Yoga subscription boxes are a great way to do something special for yourself each month. In addition to inspiration and motivation, these boxes also focus heavily on self-care.

Do a Shot of Yoga gives you the tools you need to put yourself first. Even if just for a few minutes throughout the month, the time spent exploring your box and how it will benefit your lifestyle is a good thing.

Take some time and practice with your new prop, try that healthy recipe they've included, or lift your mood with the essential oils they provide. The possibilities are endless and change each month, keeping your self-care routine fresh and fun.

4. Spread Knowledge

Furthering your relationship with yoga, and ultimately yourself, comes from knowledge. Deepening your understanding of your needs and how yoga can help you with them is the beauty of the practice.

According to Weber Williamson, Do a Shot of Yoga boxes plan to explore different styles of yoga, including hot yoga, power yoga, and yin yoga. She also mentioned that late-summer boxes will be focusing on the “fun in yoga” with “funny yoga novels” and some ways to enjoy your yoga practice and downtime.

5. Make Great Gifts

Last but not least, Do a Shot of Yoga boxes make great gifts. They're perfect for the yoga lover in your life, as well for introducing yoga to the ones you love.

Mother's and Father's Day, Christmas, birthdays, and graduations are all occasions for giving someone in your life the gift of a yoga subscription box. You can choose to send a year’s worth of boxes, or keep it simple and send a single specialty or subscription box. Either way, you can go wrong.

Remember to use code JDWRITES10 for money off your purchase from Do a Shot of Yoga!

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