5 Benefits of Wearing Hemp Underwear with WAMA Underwear

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Hemp might be the latest buzzword in North America, but it has zero to do with actually catching a buzz. Health enthusiasts are sprinkling the non-psychoactive substance in their smoothies, using it to quell their anxiety, and now they’re wearing hemp like a badge of honor – on their nether regions.

WAMA Underwear, a pioneer in the hemp clothing industry, is working to change the way we wear undergarments. Unlike what you might've imagined, hemp underwear isn't a handful of pot leaves strategically placed over the genitals, but is instead a meticulously designed garment made from the brand’s own unique hemp fabric.

Although WAMA Underwear’s manufacturing hub is in China, it was chosen by founder Shakib Nassiri because of the country's reputation as a worldwide leader in hemp production. In addition to being PETA-approved vegan, WAMA Underwear works with GOTS Certified suppliers and is a Green America Certified Business.

Arguably the next best thing to being naked, wearing hemp underwear has been gaining in popularity among health and ecologically conscious individuals. When I tried a pair for myself, I could totally understand why.

Not only were the WAMA Women’s Hipsters incredibly soft, but they didn’t cause any discomfort or irritation along my bikini line (one of the main reasons I normally avoid underwear altogether). In fact, it almost felt like I was wearing nothing at all.

In addition to the comfort aspect, I also really enjoyed the cut. Similar to a boyshort, but with an extremely flattering shape at the rear, it was nice to see an almost full-coverage bottom stop above the crease under my butt cheeks. The result was a pleasant heart-shaped silhouette.

WAMA Underwear's aesthetic is ideal for everyday wear but only comes in black for now. I would consider the design to be practical, sporty, and somewhat masculine, as the seaming and banding of the women’s hipsters remind me of boxer briefs.

The verdict? I would love to wear these around the house, during yoga practice, and whenever I feel it’s necessary to wear panties under my clothing. I enjoyed the soft edges, the breathable hemp/cotton blend, and think these would make great gifts for the ones you love.

WAMA Underwear has designs for men and women — a cheeky hipster for her and a boxer brief for him, though I think both styles could serve as great gender-neutral underwear. They are sold singly and by the pack, running $20 for a pair of hipsters and $24 for a pair of boxer briefs, with a discount for buying larger quantities.

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of wearing hemp garments, here are five more reasons to give WAMA Underwear a try.

1. Sustainable

Unlike fabrics loaded with toxins that are commonly used to make our underwear, hemp can be cultivated and processed in a way that is free of harmful chemicals. Not only does hemp grow quickly, maturing in just 8 to 12 weeks, it is also resistant to pests, does not need herbicides or pesticides, can be grown almost anywhere, doesn’t require irrigation, and actually improves the quality of the soil around it.

2. Antibacterial

Hemp naturally possesses antibacterial and anti-fungal properties which make it great for developing clothing that can protect against the spread of germs, as well as killing off bacteria and fungi commonly found in underwear. "Hemp fiber contains compounds that have been shown to have the ability to kill surface bacteria including MRSA, an antibiotic-resistant strain of staph and a leading cause of hospital-borne infections," claims Realhemp.

3. UV Protection

As if hemp couldn’t get any better, its textiles also offer protection from the sun’s rays with a UV factor of SPF 15. Also reported by Realhemp, the site claims "Certain hemp fabrics have been tested and certified with a UV Factor of UPF 50, the maximum UV protection rating given."

4. Durable

Believe it or not, hemp is stronger than steel. Considered one of the strongest natural fibers around, hemp is highly durable and resistant to stretching, which means you won’t have to worry about your underwear losing their shape over time.

5. Breathable

As a woman, I understand the importance of wearing breathable underwear made from natural fibers (It's also helpful for you, too, fellas!). Fortunately, hemp is a highly breathable fabric and will aid in keeping you cool and dry with the added benefit of wicking away moisture.

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